Borgo Crocefisso (with orange grove)

Borgo Crocefisso (with orange grove)

Suggestive contrada with citrus garden and church dedicated to San Nicola da Tolentino, then “of the Crucifix”.

Suggestive contrada previously called “Garden”, with citrus garden and church dedicated to San Nicola da Tolentino, then “Crucifix”, was erected by the Marezi family in the early ‘700.

The vegetable gardens, dedicated to the cultivation of oranges and lemons and also called ciardi, that is gardens, were usually closed by high walls to be protected from the winds, and decorated by arches (aimed at further protection of younger plants during winter) that made them look like real cloisters.

Orangeries were very common along the coast as well as in the immediate hinterland of the southern Marche, and usually stood close to noble villas (often used for summer leisure) near the small villages since the fifteenth century, thanks to a microclimate that allowed the cultivation of real indigenous varieties: known since Roman times (as evidenced by frescoes, mosaics and various paintings), were later the Saracens to spread their use and knowledge.

In the highest part of the walls are still visible today the “dovecotes”, holes for the nesting of pigeons, whose meat were very valuable between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, and whose manure was strongly recommended by the agronomists of the time so much to be imported from the Dalmatian coast.

Benefiting from the irrigation system for citrus fruits, the cultivation of some legumes and vegetables was very widespread, and it is also witnessed the combination with other fruit trees and medicinal herbs, while the tenants were expressly prohibited from using the same soil to sow flax or cereals.

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