Borgo Vasai Street

Borgo Vasai Street

The road winds south of the historic center, under the castle walls.

The road winds south of the historic center, under the castle walls.

Its name derives from the fact that here was concentrated the greatest number of artisan workshops for the processing of terracotta, for which Massignano was known throughout the Piceno (activity for other breakthrough in other corners of the historic center and the municipal territory).

The Massignano artisans were specialized in the production of vases, amphorae and other objects for common use (both practical and artistic-recreational) that were distributed in numerous fairs up to Ancona and the north of Abruzzo.

More generally Massignano is traditionally known (like Ripatransone and Montottone, where some families of Massignano artisans moved) as ‘u paese d’i cuccià, and currently houses a Museum of popular terracotta in the premises below the civic tower, in Piazza Garibaldi.

WHERE: Via Borgo Vasai – 63061 Massignano AP
TIMETABLE: Always open
E-MAIL: info@vivimassignano.it
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A territory to discover

From the town as from several points of the surrounding countryside open to the eyes glimpses of wonderful beauty: the hills dotted with small villages stretch out like a rolling carpet between the blue of the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini mountains, also known as “blue mountains”.

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