Some fun facts about life and traditions in Massignano


A journey through ancient flavors and history...

Among the local specialties, the most important and characteristic is certainly a niche agricultural product: the”taccola”, a particular variety of legumes similar to peas, of which the whole pod is eaten. Also noteworthy is the recent discovery of an indigenous olive cultivar, the “Nebbia della Val Menocchia”.

Among the numerous village festivals every August 14 stands out the “Sagra delle Frittelle” (fried cakes made with eggs, milk and sugar), the oldest village festival of the Piceno: its first edition was held in 1958.

Festivals and traditions of a country that lives

Not far from the village there are some intact Roman caves in which you can admire small niches for the preservation of urns for the deceased, known among the locals as “grotte dei cento buchi”.

Along the road that leads to the village, under the northern slope of the castle walls , until the middle of the last century there were a stone mill and a long row of mulberry trees for the breeding of silkworms, both witnesses of a micro-economy of subsistence that involved the entire social fabric.

In the center of the village, stands out the “Popular Museum of Terracotta”, with its peculiar pipes and whistles of various workmanship and color. This pipes and whistles undoubtedly represent a gem for all the visitors.

The two main churches of the village were originally intended for different audiences: the priory, in the central square, was intended for the attendance of lords and terraces (so are still called the inhabitants of the old town); the parish church, instead, just outside the walls, served to accommodate peasants and plebeians (hence the term “parish”).

Among the curious popular sayings that concern us, two certainly stand out: the first according to which Massignano would be defined as the country of “u jedizie” (of the judgment); the other, slightly teasing, so in the local dialect all the words would end, without exception, with the -e.

A territory to discover

From the town as from several points of the surrounding countryside open to the eyes glimpses of wonderful beauty: the hills dotted with small villages stretch out like a rolling carpet between the blue of the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini mountains, also known as “blue mountains”.

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